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Exercise DVD or Video

High quality exercise DVD’s are a fantastic promotional tool for any trainer, organisation or school. They can provide a steady stream of income once the initial costs are recovered.

Up until now this has only been possible for celebrities and their trainers, due to the high production costs involved. At Papillon Multimedia we are using new technologies to produce high quality productions, at a great low price.

This now makes it financially viable for anyone wishing to make their own profitable DVD. See opposite for example.


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Exercise DVD or Video
If the shelf life of the DVD is 5 years, you need to sell 7-34 each year to recoup the initial budget. But this does not take into account the added kudos and PR for your company. Footage and extras could also be encoded for use on your web site.

To recoup on a average budget:

170 DVD’s at £15 or 145 at £17.50, or 135 at £19.

From that point forward any sales go into pure profit, making it a viable option.

For more details on how this could work for you and request a free estimate, please call Jackie on 020 7687 2174